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A Touching Thank You from Shaygitz

I came across a few words today: “There is always hope. And to treat everyone with kindness, dignity, compassion and respect whether you think they understand or not. …and to never stop dreaming”.

PERFECT REJECT a Doppelgänger

Max’s mom told him that she was getting him a present. He became so excited and wondered what it might be. He waited patiently. Finally Max’s doppelgänger arrived. First it had to pass the snuff test. It passed! Now they are buds.

“I LOVE him and so does Max!!!!!”

PERFECT REJECT a Doppelgänger

Yorkies are so cute when they are fearless. Even with his bum paw he runs up to you to bite. After first bite it is LOVE, forever.

“He is so Muggsy!”


We had a  sweepstake on Facebook  and Joseph from Fall River, MA won. He loves Beau the Bear. Joseph, welcome to PERFECT REJECT.

Hello, beau the bear has arrived safe and sound today. Thank you so very much, love him to death!!!!!”

Joseph – Fall River, MA


Brian posing with his favorite animal, the rhino. I even wrote his name on it.


Lila gets her horsey on the day of the move to a new house.
“Horsey Delivered Kissed Napping

Meet Pola

After I showed Pola a couple of PERFECT REJECTS she asked if I would like to see her PERFECT REJECT. I said of course and she brought me upstairs to her bedroom.

“Where the Dog came from…
When I was a little girl my parents often took me to visit our very good friends Grigori and Galina Yagdfeld. We lived in Russia in the city that was then called Leningrad. My father was a film director, my mother a costume designer and his best friend Grigori a well-known children’s writer.
As the adults talked what seemed to be forever I got to play with whatever toys I could find in the childless household. One particular toy always gripped my heart.
It was a hand-sewn dog. He was made of dark brown wool with one button eye (the second one missing) and wisp of fur on top of one ear.
My question of where the Dog came from was always answered casually. The Dog came from the Siege. Grigori’s friend- a young actress whose name was never mentioned was in the Siege of Leningrad during World War Two.
The winter of 1941 was especially cold with the temperatures falling bellow 30 degrees Celsius (-22 F). All furniture was burned for fuel. The rations were 125 grams of “bread“ (mostly saw dust) per person per day. In that dark winter Grigiri’s friend made a toy for a small child that she knew-

A little ray of humanity shining through against all odds.
Neither the young actress nor the child survived the Siege.

The mention of the World War Two and the Siege of Leningrad was a part of everyday life, something that was… and is for every surviving Russian- a part of one’s makeup as familiar and ever present as one’s blood type. And I too –the next generation -carry this blood type and feel it’s mark.

The Dog now lives in my bedroom in the glass-covered bookcase very far from Leningrad and the Siege. However the dog is Leningrad and The Siege and
The ray of humanity against all odds.”

Pola – Valencia, CA

P.S. My PERECT REJECTS are a magical door that opens up incredible stories.

…”adoption of a perfect reject is an incredibly important choice to Lila (& our extended family horses/dogs/cats/chickens/bunnies).  
We told her that when she chooses her new best friend that we will take our rescue carrier, put a blankie in it & some toys, then go meet you to pick it up. She is always checking out your site with us. This is such an exciting process.”

Alli – Los Angeles, CA


“The Duke” get his own endearing doppelgänger.
I show part of my  process in making this PERFECT REJECT. To start I found as many pictures of “The Duke” as possible and studied them in order to create those subtle nuances. Of course seeing him on  a few occasions helped as well.
Look at all the love that this PERFECT REJECT is getting in his new home.
It looks like a new love affair is on the horizons for everyone.


This PERFECT REJECT gets a new home in Duke’s mouth. Duke loves him too. Another Year of A Horse PERFECT REJECT



Moa’s dad won a PERFECT REJECT after winning the “Name the Bear Contest”.  I selected the name he submitted. Ian had submitted the name Wilson, “After Brian Wilson, California born, deaf in ONE EAR, he nevertheless went on to create the most PERFECT music ever”.  Moa selected PERFECT REJECT #78.

“He loves it!!! Thanks so much. He named him Cottonball!”

“I met Nina at the Melrose Trading Post a few weeks ago while on vacation. As an aspiring special education teacher her project nearly moved me to tears when I first saw it. It has such an amazing message and is a wonderful idea. I am currently working on incorporating perfect reject products into my lesson plans to help teach acceptance.” 

Lucy – Buffalo, NY

PERFECT REJECT 081 She was given her own name tag


She was given her own name tag.

PERFECT REJECT 089 celebrates The Year of the Horse.


This horse was part of a gala celebration for  The Year of the Horse.

Perfect Reject #066 Santa Claus resting Unique Gift - Front View

Santa Bear

I was selling at the Melrose Trading Post one Sunday and a young girl around the age of seven stopped and was looking at Santa Bear with her father who was holding her hand. After about a minute of silence I spoke up and told them that Santa Bear had gotten frost bite and his leg had to get amputated.
The father spoke and said just like her pointing to his daughter’s leg, she got frost bite and lost her leg. I looked down and sure enough she was wearing a prosthetic leg.

PERFECT REJECT 045 gets a new home. Meet Courage.


“Meet Courage –
Thank you! I love my Perfect Reject!”

PERFECT REJECT 038 This bunny gets center stage at this house.


A happy bunny gets center stage at this house.

PERFECT REJECT 042 gets a new home


This plushy made for a happy Birthday. Can’t you tell…look at that smile!

PERFECT REJECT 005 gets a new home


“ I love my new strange cowish friend! She arrived right away, safe and sound, carefully packaged. She enjoys hanging out under the mums…”


“I knew that this guy’s home had to be in my yoga studio using props, a block and the tressel.”